Our Bespoke Injection Moulding Service

We are able to offer our customers a trade moulding service, from your initial concept through to volume production.

At the early stage of a project we can advise on product design helping you develop ideas through to final drawings using Elite Plastic Injection Mould Tooling Ltd’s expertise. We can also assist in the choice of polymer and have access to a full range of compounds and colour pigments. From final drawings, Elite have full tool making facilities for combination tools, single cavity and multi cavity moulds.

Because a large proportion of our standard products have both internal and external threads, we have developed a range of thread moulding tools over many years and as a result they have become a speciality. Our moulds are fully hardened and are made for volume production; many of them are in use 24 hrs per day and have been so for years with only a modest amount of maintenance.

These tools are capable of producing large volumes of components per year, in the case of the conduit clip this could easily exceed 4 million components annually.

Contact us by phone fax or e-mail and see what we can do for your next project.

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